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Majed Sultan

A wildlife photographer from Kuwait, Majed is currently a member of the Kuwait Voluntary Center – Photography and Documentation Team. Majed is a highly talented Graphics and Web Designer who has an active social presence as well as an active presence on social media. He has a YouTube channel as well where he teaches photography to his viewers and a number of local and international photography workshops have been organized by him. Many of Al Zaabi's have been published in the National Geographer.

Majed is an active philanthropist who is presently working as a volunteer in as a website administrator to document their work in Africa. He is also working as a public relations manager with non-profit organizations wherein he documents water projects and brings forward the stories and plight of African villages through Directaid.

Born in Kuwait in 1979, Al Zaabi graduated from Kuwait University 2002 where he pursued Computer Engineering before taking the plunge into the field of photography. He started out by shooting friends, family members and occasions with his full manual SLR Minolta. After acquiring his basic photography skills, he shifted to the Nikon D70 and which he later upgraded to the Nikon D750.